Dave Smith Ford sold me the most beautiful truck in the world


Flock, I’ve been meaning to write this post since October.

I literally bought this truck in October.


Let’s backtrack to October when I decided to buy a truck. I had been driving my relative’s screaming metal death trap 2004 blue Ford Explorer XLT that I loved with a passion, and was looking to actually get a functional vehicle.

I started off by looking at a lot of crossovers and smaller vehicles. Of course, this is WNY, and I’m always worried about snow. My family always drove 4x4s, but those had gone the way of the dodo. Asking if there was anything like 4×4, one dealer told me the following:

“Some cars have a traction control setting knob, but I’ve honestly never seen anybody use it. You’re not going offroad, the all-wheel drive should handle it.”

Through looking around, I figured out that I wanted another Ford Explorer. I liked how big SUVs felt on the road, and crossovers weren’t cutting it.

After stumbling through the desert of car dealerships, and having my heart broken by a particularly callous experience at a dealer that sold a car I drove to Buffalo to look at, I had become pretty irritated. I Googled the nearest place with Explorers in stock, and went there.

It was Dave Smith Ford.

And there it was.

A Blue Jean blue 2016 Ford Explorer XLT that looked somebody took that ’04 and put it on steroids.


The dealer, a guy named Mike, was pretty awesome.

In fact, the entire dealership was pretty awesome.

They helped me set up all the techy stuff, and had everything ready in one day. They even helped me later when I needed to reset the entry system.

Also, I knew Mike was a truck guy. During the test drive, Mike said to me out of nowhere, “You won’t have to worry about snow in this truck.” This is all I needed to hear.

So here I am on February 1 finally writing this post. Why am I writing this post? Snow. Lot’s of snow.

I woke up Tuesday morning to almost a foot of unplowed road. I needed to get to class. What did I do?

I used that traction control knob.

I swear the snow setting on this Explorer is mythical. I watched a Chevy pickup fishtailing in front of me, while I just cruised through the snow like it was cloud.

Bonus? I have a heated steering wheel.

You may now cry.

So thank you, Dave Smith Ford, for setting me up with the truck of my dreams.


-Sheepie ❤


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