Some old and some new for Summit Park Mall development


Wait, you thought I was joking in the last article when I mentioned the Summit? If there’s one thing I don’t joke about, it’s my dead malls.

There’s actually been a few updates on some projects going on at the shuttered mall. If you want to catch up on previous developments, I suggest you read our post on the “Summit Park Stall”.

Wheatfield Town Board recently dropped some updates during a meeting.

First up, we have Big Thunder Brewery. To be located in the former Save-a-lot, the brewery project now has expanded plans that include an outdoor bar, outdoor volleyball, and a lot of fun to fill up the desolate front of the mall. I actually stumbled across an architectural video for the brewery, which you can watch below:

The Niagara International Sports and Entertainment complex is still planning to move forward with its plan to put up two steel sports structures behind the mall.

Seeing that own Zoran Cocov and co. are still communicating with Wheatfield is an excellent sign. I genuinely believe that Cocov wants this project to get off the ground, and I can see it happening by 2020, if not earlier (and boy do I hope it’s earlier).

In the meantime, is anybody else craving a pretzel?


_Sheepie ❤

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