Goodbye, Toys R Us kids

Flock, Toys R Us is done for.

The company filed for full liquidation of most of its stores around the world, including the entire US.

There’s a possibility of a buyer taking Canada and a few US stores, as well as Japan possibly staying.

Either way, it’s the end of an era.

I was a Toys R Us kid. Okay, technically I was a Kids R Us kid, followed by a Babies R Us kid, then a Toys R Us kid, and finally back to a Babies R Us kid. 

All 22 years of my life have been spent in and around these stores, and watching it go away so quickly is a little sad. 

I’ve already seen the disappearance of Stanley stork, Gigi, Junior and Baby Gi. 

I lived through Kids R Us closing, Babies R Us nearly splitting off, and the buyout last decade that set off what could be considered a calvalcade of bad decisions leading to the demise of the world’s largest toy store.

So, let’s raise a glass in memory of Goeffrey: he certainly didn’t deserve this. 
-Sheepie ❤

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