Cindy’s Grape Pie Review: Naples Grape Festival

Hey flock! Yesterday, we explored the Grape Festival in Naples, NY.

As promised, I’ll be reviewing FOUR different grape pies this week, so you know where to head next year for your grape fix!

Today, we’re taking a look a Cindy’s Pies.

Cindy's Grape Pie

Cindy’s grape pie features a trend I noticed around Naples: double crust. Out of the four pies I tried, this one certainly had the best crust. Flaky, buttery and light, you could blow the top layer off the pie!

The filling of the pie is on the sweeter end. Not quite grape jelly, it does remind me of traditional pie filling. The grape flavor is subtle, making it taste like a traditional pie. There’s no grape skin or pieces left, making the filling consistent throughout.

Cindy’s grape Pie:
-Ultra flaky double crust
-Sweet filling

Cindy’s Grape Pies is located at 5 Academy Street, Naples, NY. They also have a Facebook page!

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a look at a very different grape pie. Stay tuned!

-Sheepie ❤

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