Exploring the Grape Festival in Naples, NY

Sheepie Niagara visiting Naples Grape Festival, Naples, NY.

Hey flock! Sometimes, I deviate from the script and head outside of Western New York (shocker, I know).

A few years back, I took a day trip to the Finger Lakes to the weirdest agriculture-related festival I could think of: The Grape Festival.

This year, I decided to head on up to Naples, NY again to really dive into the annual festival of grapey goodness, and it did not disappoint.

What is the Grape Festival?

Naples Grape Festival banner

Held in Naples, New York since 1961, the Grape Festival is a way for local to celebrate the annual grape harvest.

While the Finger Lakes (and the Grape Festival) is known for wine, and the wine tent is always a crowd favorite, the real showstopper of the festival are the grape pie vendors!

The Grape Festival has a grape pie contest every year, although this year’s winning group were all individuals (not vendors). Still, I’m not leaving everyone hanging: I bough four grape pies to test out. I hope you enjoy grape-related reviews, flock, because I’ll be review four different pies this week!

Before I get to gorging myself on pie, I’ll leave you with a link to the Naples Grape Festival Facebook page, as well as a photo of the Finger Lakes I took on the ride home.

Finger Lakes

-Sheepie ❤

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