Brando’s Niagara Falls Stuffed Hot Pepper Pizza Review (bonus wings review)

It’s our first food review of 2020 (because this sheep has been slacking). Since we’re the pizza capital of the world, it only makes sense that we start off with a slice.

Today, we’re taking a look at Brando’s Pizza (the one in Niagara Falls, not the one in North Tonawanda).

Flock, we’re diving headfirst into the most WNY thing ever: the Stuffed Hot Pepper Pizza

Brando's stuffed hot pepper pizza. Brando's Niagara Falls.

This is a banana pepper pizza with cheese, cheese, more cheese, cheesy cheese, and sausage.

This pizza is actually spectacular. Really, really good. It absolutely nails the stuffed banana pepper on the head (which is good since my favorite banana pepper sub went the way of the dodo.

Even with all the cheese, it’s not overly cheesy. It’s not obscenely heavy, as pizzas in a similar vein usually are.

If you’re a hardcore WNY stuffed pepper fan, you will absolutely enjoy this pizza.

As a bonus, here’s they’re wings:

Brando's Wings. Niagara Falls, NY.

These wings were also incredible. Great size, great balance of crispy and juicy, and great hot wingy sauce.

Also, as a side note: their blue cheese is amazing. I’m not always a blue cheese fan, but Brando’s is so creamy it’s ridiculous. I actually dipped my pizza in it.

So, now that I got you dying for pizza, Brando’s Pizza, Wings & Subs can be found at 9121 Buffalo Avenue in Niagara Falls.

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