Hyde Park Cafe Review

Hey flock!

Remember the Royal Cafe? My go-to omelette spot that went into oblivion?

It’s back…sorta.

Hyde Park Cafe, which used to be on the corner of North and Hyde Park Blvd, moved into the old Royal Cafe building. I actually found out about this when I was looking to switch up my breakfast routine, and ended up running into their page.

Before even stepping into the restaurant, it already had two things going for it: price and time. Hyde Park Cafe is a steal compared to some of the other breakfast places in the area, and they serve breakfast until 2pm.

I decided to go with Ty’s Special: eggs, meat (I went with bacon), pancakes and grits.

Also, if there’s ever a phrase that’s going to cause a full flashback, it’s “would you like cheese in your grits?” I last heard that in 2015 at the Maple Restaurant (another Niagara Falls restaurant that went into oblivion).

Obviously, I got cheese in my grits.

Ty's Special. Hyde Park Cafe. Niagara Falls, NY.

Flock, they were amazing. Cheesy cloud of wonder. Eggs were good, bacon was crisp, coffee was diner-fresh, and pancakes were fluffy. This was a breakfast I haven’t had in years, yet absolutely love.

Pancakes, cheesy grits, bacon and eggs at Hyde Park Cafe, 311 Hyde Park Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY.

They also have everything from shrimp and grits to chicken and waffles, so the menu range is perfect for everyone.

The service was also absolutely amazing. Watching the crew juggle dozens of takeout orders while covering every table proved that Hyde Park Cafe could certainly hold its own in tourist season.

Hyde Park Cafe is located at 311 Hyde Park Boulevard (the old Royal Cafe). As previously mentioned, they also do takeout (which one of my friends apparently frequents).

Have you tried Hyde Park Cafe? Have another restaurant you want us to take a look at? Leave a comment below!

-Sheepie ❤

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