Rejoice Little Monsters: the Lady Gaga Chromatica OREOs are out

When Lady Gaga and Oreo announced a collaboration earlier this year, basically the entire internet burst into neon flames.

Well, on of my Valentine’s Day gifts happened to the the newly-released cookies!

Lady Gaga Chromatica OREO

Before we even dive into the sweet treat inside, we need to appreciate the packaging. Gaga’s Oreos are encased in hot pink foil packaging. There’s even a note on the side:

Side packaging of Lady Gaga Oreos

This truly is a cookie inspired by Gaga, and I love that “in Chromatica no one thing is greater than another.”

But enough of the dazzling package: let’s get to the COOKIES!

Close up of Chromatica Oreos

The Oreos come in three custom designs: a heart, a design that I’m pretty sure is Gaga herself, and “Chromatica”.

The striking pink cookie with bright green creme screams Gaga, and the overall design is great.

The cookies are actually basic Golden Oreos, so no custom flavor. The power of the cookie really is in the experience.

If you’re a Gaga fan, or you just love vanilla Oreos, you should definitely pick these up.

Have you gotten your paws on Lady Gaga’s Oreos? Let me know in the comments below!

-Sheepie ❤

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