Trader Giotto’s (Trader Joe’s) Mushroom Ravioli Review

This week's review is Trader Giotto's mushroom ravioli in mushroom truffle sauce from Trader Joe's. It's a frozen product, so I automatically expected the ravioli to be overcooked. I wasn't proven wrong. The ravioli are incredibly soft: fans of al dente (and real Italian food in general) will be greatly disappointed. Mind you, it's not … Continue reading Trader Giotto’s (Trader Joe’s) Mushroom Ravioli Review

Why avocado is the new pumpkin spice

Congratulations world. You've done it. You've officially out pumpkin-spiced pumpkin spice. What am I talking about? Why, the avocado show of course! Don't believe that avocado has surpassed pumpkin spice in the "beat a dead horse" game? Just take a look at these fine examples: Avocado Beer Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles is releasing … Continue reading Why avocado is the new pumpkin spice

“Bizarre Love Triangle” New Order Review

Hauntingly bizarre. New Order's 1986 song "Bizarre Love Triangle" is one of those songs that just works. Musically, "Bizarre Love Triangle" is a strange combination of constant dance beat with an ethereal chorus. This song is a little bit of everything, yet it blends so well that there's no stark clashes. The song hops from … Continue reading “Bizarre Love Triangle” New Order Review