Five Years of Sheepie Niagara!

I never thought I’d be saying this, but happy five year anniversary, flock!

Okay, so technically this is the five year anniversary of my first tweet, but since that’s where I started, it counts!

We’ve come a long way in five years, so I thought it’d be interesting to take a look back.

First ever tweet

@sheepieniagara on Twitter. 2/23/15 "Tweet? Sweet"

I vividly remember this. Twitter gives you a canned #myfirsttweet thing, but I wanted to be original. I also had no idea what to say. So, we got “Tweet? Sweet!”

First Profile Pic vs. Current

*Spits out tea* Oof. Okay. Yeah 2015 was a bit of a mess for me, wasn’t it? I mean it took me almost four years to realize that I wasn’t actually a gray sheep (seriously vitamins are important). At least my hair is just as fluffy.

First Blog Post

My first ever blog post was a write-up I did for WNIA Radio, titled “The Perks of Being a Cartoon Sheep.” I used to be a mascot (I would say I forgot about that, but you never forget the chaos of WNIA).

First Food Review

My first-ever food review was, true to form, my post on Frankie’s Donuts. I still stand by the fact that it’s a spiritual experience (they are amazing).

Favorite Post

E. Dent Lackey’s obituary might be my favorite post. I went through microfilm to find it, and it set off a chain of events that led to me spending a lot of time learning about the history of Niagara Falls (and sharing it so you wouldn’t have to trudge through archive paperwork).

Most Popular Post

It’s not even fair. My review of Olive Garden’s Creamy Mushroom Sauce has gotten more views that probably all my other posts combined. It’s on the first page of Google Search when you look up “Olive Garden Creamy Mushroom Sauce”.

Thank you all so much for a fabulous five years, flock! Here’s to the next five!

-Sheepie ❤

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