What Even Is the Eastern Hills Mall?

“What Even Is” is a multi-post series taking a look at some local malls in Western New York.

For our inaugural article, we’re taking a look at my favorite 80s dead mall: the Eastern Hills.

In case you haven’t heard, this mall is about to be redeveloped into a “Town Center“, but before that long process begins, I felt it made sense to take a look at the current state of the mall.

Our future Town Center.

The Eastern Hills is beginning to look worse for wear, as stores begin to drop their leases and vacate.

The music usually piped through the mall has also disappeared, making the experience of looking into these abandoned stores even more eerie.

The dismembered Santa certainly doesn’t help.

Even the Made in America stores has disappeared from the mall, but the universal mall store Claire’s still stands.

Because you cannot destroy Claire’s

The most shocking change is the loss of half the food court, now replaced by drywall.

Tasty, tasty drywall.

The only things not closing in this mall are the lifestyle businesses. Karate, sportsball, soy candles and antique stores prevail, with Mooney’s and Rocky’s providing food support. JCPenney is also holding on as the last remaining anchor.


The most entertaining part of the mall is the Niagara Emporium, which previously existed in the Summit Park Mall (which I’m sure will feature in several future articles). You’re never quite sure what you will find within its walls.

The guardian of the fish.
The guardian of the fish did a terrible job.

Meanwhile, they are gutting the old Bon-Ton. Rumors are it will become a furniture store.

Poor Bon-Ton
Gutted like the dead fish in the Emporium.

So, what even is the Eastern Hills Mall? The only way to find out is to go there yourself.

-Sheepie ❤

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