“Just can’t get enough” Depeche Mode Review

"Boop boop, beep beep, ding ding, Depeche Mode." "Just Can't Get Enough" was Depeche Mode's hit from 1981. This is a quirky early New Wave song. The robot drums go well with the robot keyboard. The melody is simple, which makes it great for way too many commercials that have used it. Lyrically, they apparently … Continue reading “Just can’t get enough” Depeche Mode Review

“Bizarre Love Triangle” New Order Review

Hauntingly bizarre. New Order's 1986 song "Bizarre Love Triangle" is one of those songs that just works. Musically, "Bizarre Love Triangle" is a strange combination of constant dance beat with an ethereal chorus. This song is a little bit of everything, yet it blends so well that there's no stark clashes. The song hops from … Continue reading “Bizarre Love Triangle” New Order Review

“Sunglasses at Night” Corey Hart Review

I wear my sunglasses at night because I have sensitive eyes. 1984's "Sunglasses at Night" is the only thing anybody cares about from Corey Hart. This song has some really good guitar. It's a medium paced song that works. The real kicker in the music is the panning keyboard (which turns from epic to annoying … Continue reading “Sunglasses at Night” Corey Hart Review